Seminar in Medical Device Law

Are you employed in the medical industry or currently a masters student in medical engineering at FAU? Would you like to learn more about the regulatory framework for medical device products? Then sign up for the medical device law seminar! 

The structure of this certificate course is based on the required process to bring medical device products to the market. The course consists of ten different seminar days (currently offered only in German).

After participating in 6 different sessions and passing all 6 exams, masters students receive a participation certificate and 2.5 ECTS.

External participants need to take part in all 10 sessions and pass all exams to receive a university certificate.

The seminar starts on November 6th, 2019, with a broad introduction to medical device law.

We look forward to your attendance!

Link to Teaser: Seminar in Medical Device Law on YouTube

Click on the above link for a brief overview of the seminar.