Validation Lab Bootcamp 2019 – Roadshow Stop in Erlangen

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The Validation Lab Bootcamp from EIT Health is a two-month program for companies from the medical engineering branch, especially for those with early stage ideas”. Young, ambitious entrepreneurs from all over Europe took part in a roadshow stop in Erlangen for two days to validate their idea´s feasibility and furthermore to expand their knowledge about how to launch in European healthcare markets. 

From October 7 – 8, 2019 the Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) and FAU were honored to welcome ten motivated startup teams from the Dutch accelerator YES!Delft.

On the first day the teams had the chance to learn from professional experts about essential core aspects such as “Alternative financing methods”, “Market access in Germany” and “The basics of medical device law”. Furthermore, a pitch event, where the participants could present their companies´ ideas, was part of this program. An interdisciplinary jury with expertise in the fields of business development, medicine and engineering nominated the top 3.

The third place went to Scope Bioscience with the idea of creating a CRISPR Platform for diagnostics which is adaptable to various disease markers that would make diagnostic systems become faster and more precise. The second place went to SLAM Ortho, who presented their self-developed drill bit that automatically measures required screw lengths for orthopedic and trauma surgery applications, to avoid infections and surgery complications among other potential problems. Finally, the first place went to KroniKare, who convinced the jury with an HSA Class B registered diagnostic tool that makes it possible to scan, measure and detect a patient´s wound within 30 seconds using Twin AI technology on over 15 years of systematic data capture.

On the second day all teams had the chance to meet face-to-face with experts and representatives from companies, clinics and research institutes located all over Erlangen to broaden their network, to receive feedback and to learn more about the German market.

Special thanks go to our partners Medical Valley EMN, d.hip, Siemens Healthcare, aescuvest GmbH, Zollhof Tech Incubator and the University Clinic Erlangen for their support and a successful cooperation.