EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp 2019 – Report

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Again, this year the ZiMT and FAU successfully worked hard on organizing the EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp 2019 in cooperation with national and international partner companies. During this 2-month program, ten teams of motivated and ambitious engineers from all over Europe successfully transformed their ideas into startups while learning and working on business creation and validation.

On the 6th of November 2019 the winning ceremony of the EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp took place in Lisbon, where Onira Research from Spain was announced as the winning team. They convinced the jury by presenting their new technology, Hiparco, which is an in-vitro diagnostic test that identifies Resistant Hypertension patients whose hypertension could be reduced with a Sleep Apnea Treatment (CPAP). In this way the number of affected people who suffer under high risk diseases caused by uncontrolled blood pressure issues, should be reduced.

The EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp was structured in three different phases. The first phase took place at the FAU cooperation partners and startup forges JOSEPHS and Zollhof Tech Incubator in Nuremberg as well as UnternehmerTUM based in Munich, where the teams were provided with a business design toolbox to develop and implement a sustainable future business plan and create prototypes by applying proven methods out of design and management.

In the second phase the participants spent a visit at the FAU and ZiMT in Erlangen, where the program focused on validation as a decisive core element for a successful startup and business idea. Furthermore, all young entrepreneurs were given the possibility of expanding their knowledge about central topics of IP, licensing, reimbursement and Medical device law within the context of the international disparities of the European healthcare systems to improve their approach.

In the third phase the teams had to face the challenge to prove that their hard work would pay off after one month of preparation. They started their international roadshow through Europe for several weeks and stopped at four places to pitch their startup in front of possible investors. The first stop was in Lodz at University of Medicine Lodz, where the participants also got an overview of the Polish healthcare systems and the IP right in Poland. During their second stop in Barcelona at IESE Business School, the teams learned more about understanding Barcelona´s startup ecosystem and the regulation of venture capital in human healthcare innovations. Additionally, they got to visit the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), one of the leading European ecosystems in research, technology transfer and innovation in life sciences, and the Barcelona Health Hub that is an organization that promotes innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, joining startups, health organizations, companies, and investors. The third stop was in Paris at Medicen Paris Region where topics of French market access and the French regulatory system were discussed and a representative from the Greater Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP) and the Clinical Research and Innovation Department (DRCI) presented their concept of supporting progress in medicine and public health. The fourth stop was in Coimbra at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) where all teams got an overview of Portuguese health ecosystems.  

Moreover, the final started in Coimbra at IPN and continued in Lisbon at the Web Summit where Onira turned out to be the winning team.

The second place went to Deepc who is working on developing a cutting-edge self-learning A.I. system to solve the problem of unstructured biomedical data that cannot be used for artificial intelligence. The third place went to Brainguard from Madrid who designed a wearable device for migraine prediction to reduce absenteeism and support more effective medication.

The winning team Onira will have the chance to present their idea at the EIT Health Summit 2019.