Open Talks by Luca Venza from IESE Business School

On January 14th and 21st we had the pleasure to welcome Luca Venza, Director of Technology Innovation, Transfer & Acceleration Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre (EIC) and Centre for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) from IESE Business School Barcelona. There were two exciting open talks on “Ready to Launch” and “The Entrepreneurial Journey”. The first talk dealt with the question of when is the best time to bring a product or technology to market. Starting from the three stages of innovation, namely research, transformation and commercialization, the internal and external factors contributing to the success of the launch were identified. The presentation was rounded off with many practical questions that need to be considered before deciding to conquer the market.

The second talk was about the factors that make a top scientist a top entrepreneur. Luca answered questions about what it means for a founder to start a company, what is required of a founder in terms of building a team and growing a business. Many thanks Luca for these dedicated and inspiring presentations!

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