Covidcare: Covid-19 Case Number Predictor V3

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The number of COVID-19 infections (caused by the Corona-Virus SARS-CoV 2) is developing in a highly dynamic way with strong regional differences. One of the largest challenges faced by the regional and state emergency response units, the hospitals and medical clinics, the local emergency services and medics, is to adjust priorities and resource plans according to the constantly changing situation. One of the key planning and response challenges is to adjust available resources according to the number of hospital emergency cases, in-patients, intensive beds and respiratory facilities.

The aim of the project Covicare is to make assistive tools available to estimate the number of patients and cases as described above according to local regions and the developing situation. The estimates are based on daily statistics of confirmed SARS-CoV 2 infections for each region, the rate of infection changes, and the cumulative pressure these numbers place on the different medical services (e.g. intensive beds or respiratory facilities).

Covidcareis unique because it not only takes into consideration the number of new patients and cases, but also the number of patients that can be released from  supporting infrastructure and services. The upcoming cumulative occupancy of the different resources such as intensive beds or respiratory facilities can also be predicted to assist with resource planning and allocation.