Projects of the MedTech E-Lab Winter Semester 2020/2021

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Projects of the MedTech E-Lab Summer Semester 2020

This semester as well, three highly motivated teams have found each other in the MedTech E-Lab who are working on the projects for the winter semester 2020/2021.


A brief outline of the projects:

Together with the palliative medicine department of the university hospital, the team “Pentalobes” is working on a portable sensor that continuously monitors and stores the breathing behavior of asthma patients.


“Safire” is a project in cooperation with the Frauenhofer IOSB (Ilmenau) and the Erlangen fire department. The aim of this project is to develop a real-time localization system and to design a user interface for operation managers to support their rescue teams and ensure the safety of firefighters.


As in the previous semesters, the rheumatology department of the university hospital is back at it. Together with RheumYoga, they are working in the “YogiTherapy” project. The project is about an app for young rheumatism patients (spondylitis), with which they can start their treatment from home. The therapy consists of a combination of yoga and physiotherapy.


Many thanks to all participants and partners who contribute to the success of this program! We are already looking forward to great results and wish every of you success! All information about the MedTech E-Lab and detailed descriptions of the current projects can be found here.