ZiMT Journal Club February 2022: Prof. Dr. Stefan Funk / PD Dr. Thilo Michel / Medical Physics with x-rays at ECAP: Phase contrast imaging, detector development and dosimetry

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Attenuation, phase-contrast and dark-field of a porcine lung measured with our x-ray scanning technique.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Funk / PD Dr. Thilo Michel, Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP)

We use approaches developed in particle physics to advance experimental techniques in other areas such as medical physics, non-destructive testing and laboratory astrophysics. X-ray imaging is well known to everyone, as an attenuation image is taken for medical diagnostics and non-destructive testing. X-ray phase-contrast and dark-field imaging additionally provides information about the phase-shift and the scattering of the incoming x-ray wave.

The main goal of the our group at ECAP is to develop instrumentation (based on particle physics detectors) for radiation protection and to evaluate the potential of phase-contrast imaging for medical physics, non-destructive testing and laboratory astrophysics and to further improve the feasibility of phase-contrast and dark-field imaging. We cooperate closely with the Pattern Recognition Lab in the Computer Science department.