The cardiac insufficiency is one of the most frequent internal diseases worldwide which can be treated exclusively by heart transplantation in its last phase. Since the availability of heart transplants is very limited, systems of mechanical cardiovascular support are gaining higher clinical importance. These systems, however, are still prone to complications due to their direct contact with blood.

The mutual goal is to develop a new viable concept for a durably applicable, mechanical cardiac support system based on recent medical basic research. This heart-encompassing, biventricular actuator should be designed specifically for the patient, avoid blood-carrying and be fully transplantable.

This concept necessitates, among other requirements, new materials, innovative production processes, patient-specific designs as well as an intelligent connection between the individual components. The high degree of interdisciplinarity needed can only be established through a strong conjunction of the required fields of knowledge, specifically of materials sciences, engineering and medicine. The experts of the “Herzaktor” group therefore come from all disciplines relevant for research and development and conduct their work in close communication among each other.




Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

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