The PRECODE Network central mission is to establish pancreatic organoid research firmly in the European Union, by training the next generation of creative and innovative researchers in pancreatic cancer.




The central mission of the PRECODE network (PancREatic Cancer OrganoiDs rEsearch) is to establish the research in the field of organoid pancreatic cancer throughout europe. A shared doctorate program of excellence will train the next generation of creative and innovative researchers in this field.

Small microorganisms, so-called organoids, can contribute to the development of drugs and the therapy of pancreatic cancer. They can be isolated from a variety of clinical sources with minimal material needed. This makes them a perfect tool for precision medicine.

PRECODE combines concepts of investigation, education and innovation. It enables young researchers to improve their skills beyond the state of the art. They will learn to cultivate and manipulate organoids as well as cutting edge molecular biology techniques. At the same time, innovations in the field of pancreatic cancer research will be promoted.

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