Multidisciplinary research platform for the creation of living functional organ structures

The overall goal of the research platform is basic research and development of new intelligent therapy systems that employ custom-designed biomaterials- ranging from bioactive glasses to self-assembling proteins- as well as the creation of living functional organ structures. Tissue/Organ Printing –biofabrication- is a highly topical subject for the regenerative medicine and garners great attention within society and science. The Emerging Fields initiative made it possible for FAU to make a name for itself in this area TOPBiomat, as a renowned platform for biofabrication, allows its members to pick up and contribute to the latest life science and medicine research subjects. The subjects that are to be worked on in future projects include among others, implants for orthopedic, plastic and cardiovascular surgery, nanomedicine for diagnosis and therapy in cancer research and regenerative medicine and biofabrication.