MedTech Map

The global demand for innovative medical technology solutions continues to grow as we live longer, healthier lives. Medical technology plays a fundamental role in the process of creating faster and more efficient medical procedures, to improve and help the already complex techniques performed by physicians. The point of action of MedTech is not only with the medical procedures but also with the improvement of the doctor-patient relationship, and medical data analytics are key areas in which work is being focused.

The purpose of this MedTech Map is to be a source of rich information relating to ongoing research projects and the collaboration of key stakeholders at FAU. For this task, the information is structured based on clusters using the main medical technology branches of research at FAU, namely Digital Health, Sensors & Robotics, Medical Processes, Imaging, Biomaterials, as well as MedTech in Society. These fields can be accessed by clicking on the below button “Research Fields”.

If you are interested in being included in the MedTech Map, please contact the ZiMT.