Membership request

Engagement thrives on getting involved

In order for the ZiMT to maintain its success and for medical engineering to remain a sustained focus of the Friedrich-Alexander-University, many lecturers, researchers, and doctors are needed who dedicate themselves to and promote this goal.

To obtain a membership, we therefore want above all lecturers and researchers from engineering, natural sciences, business/economics, as well as doctors and biomedical scientists who have an interest in joint interdisciplinary research projects, involvement in the “Medical Engineering” degree programs as a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis supervisor, or as an organizer or speaker at corresponding events.

  • Please download the Membership request and support these focal points and activities at the FAU. (An expression of interest per email is also sufficient to request membership.)

Membership is not associated with any disadvantageous obligations; however, we would of course be delighted with your participation at the biannual general member meetings and relevant activities. Following their receipt by the main office, membership requests are decided by the Directorial Board and become official with an entry into the UnivIS membership directory.

Private individuals and companies unfortunately cannot formally acquire membership in this university body. We are however pleased to welcome business and industry sponsors, who we will mention on our homepage and invite to our general member meetings. Financial support is urgently needed in order to meet the high goals we have set ourselves for networking, representation, public relations, and business cooperation with additional student helpers.