Innovation Research Lab IRL

Interdisciplinary student teams work on problems from medical engineering and healthcare


Innovation Research Lab (IRL) at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany, offers its interdisciplinary participants from universities, start-ups and industries a unique creative working environment and coaching where they can develop ideas and concepts. Participants can choose to work on scientific as well as business challenges such as healthcare systems of the future, factory 4.0, future smart cities, automation, apps, bio-markers for various neurological diseases, prostheses for patients, building start-ups on own projects etc. The projects are assigned, mentored and funded by industries and universities.

In collaboration with Siemens Healthineers and led by Sultan Haider, founder and director of the Innovation Think Tank Labs worldwide at Siemens Healthineers, IRL offers participants from all disciplines lectures and practical training on the topics of innovation management, innovation leadership, interdisciplinary innovation in medical technology and product design. The researchers involved in IRL projects investigate technical, scientific as well as business problems and could range from core technology, production, marketing, usability, financial, product design and open innovation topics. The projects are worked on in collaboration with universities and industries. Every year in several events held all over the world the participants work on interdisciplinary projects and present their outcomes to the stakeholders.

Advantages for Students

  • Contact to companies in the field of healthcare and medical engineering and chances for internships, fellowships and full time employment
  • Working on challenges in interdisciplinary teams together with students from different universities mentored by company advisors
  • Gaining insights into innovation management and leadership methodologies
  • Chances to win financial awards
  • ECTS if possible at the university
  • Possibility to be part of international leadership projects, e. g. ITT labs worldwide
  • Possibility to commercialize the ideas and projects with support of Medical Valley and chance to take part in the MedTech Bootcamp by Medical Valley and TU Munich
  • Presentation of the results in the annual Innovation Research Lab Exhibition
  • International Innovation Management Certifications

Advantages for companies and enterprises

  • Contact to motivated students from different disciplines and universities
  • Innovative solutions for challenges and problems and mentor student teams working on the challenges
  • Theoretical and practical challenges possible
  • Theoretical challenges can include topics like processes and workflows in healthcare or solutions for the healthcare system of tomorrow
  • Students can build prototypes for practical challenges in the innovation research lab

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