Medical Devices of the Future

Student Seminar “Medical Devices of the Future”

(offered in the Winter Semester)

Diagnostics is an area with an increasing importance placed on real time results and higher levels of accuracy, both of which are driving the continued growth of point of care diagnostics. In addition, consumers are increasingly interested in understanding and owning their health-related decisions, which is driving the use of smartphone-based Apps in conjunction with home use devices. It is the patient care sector where the move from hospital environments to clinic and home environments is the most active. Devices are becoming smarter and easier to use – energy efficient technology is driving wider application of wireless sensors; the data this generates is being processed and presented more intelligently which results in better levels of patient monitoring, advancements in care and ultimately improved outcomes.

In this seminar, we deal with all kinds of new innovations and future trends regarding Medical Devices. The topics range from prosthetics, wearables, telemedicine, preventive care, personal informatics, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), device design, processes and so on.

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