Operating Room of the Future

Student Seminar “Operating Room of the Future”

(offered in the Summer Semester)

It is an exciting time for surgical medical technology, with an increasing number of intelligent devices that provide multiple functions as well as robotics-based developments. Going deeper into this area, there are developments in energy-based devices, advancements in visualization techniques, and greater importance placed on the flow of data and how to make that data useful.
The main topics of this seminar are technical innovations in the OR that will influence the future of therapeutic interventions. Today, Healthcare Engineering provides new solutions for all areas of medical care. Especially surgical interventions benefit from new technologies. The development of modern intra-operative C-arm and endoscopic imaging devices improves minimally invasive procedures extensively. If techniques with three-dimensional data acquisition and visualization are used in the operating room, spatial orientation of the surgeon can be extended and essential time can be saved. Tracking methods, inertial sensors and 3-D camera applications also for patient monitoring and system interaction have been developed at FAU. But processes have to be intuitive and interactions have to be simple. Patients will benefit from a well-thought-through concept for surgical interventions. It is not enough to just add new features, they have to be integrated in the exiting setup seamlessly. The use of additional technology in the OR leads to the question how much devices a surgeon can handle effectively by tomorrow. Do we need more or less?

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